About Us: The Story of Shug and Metal Dogs

About Us: The Story of Shug and Metal Dogs

Welcome to Metal Dogs! I’m James Strachan, but everyone calls me Shug. I'm the founder and creative force behind each unique piece you discover here at Metal Dogs.

The Early Years and Inspiration

My journey into the world of metal art began in my childhood. My grandfather, a master craftsman, ignited my passion for design and creativity. This fascination grew from building billy carts to exploring the intricate world of metal art.

One of my earliest and most impactful memories involves a Bull Terrier named Thug. I found him wandering our street with a bloodied nose, likely from a fight. I fashioned a leash from a piece of rope and brought him home. My dad was initially shocked, mistaking Thug for a shark on a leash! But Thug, the friendly Bull Terrier, quickly won over our family.

Years later, my mother surprised my dad with another Bull Terrier, whom we named Fergie after Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Fergie became a beloved member of our family, sparking a lifelong affection for Bull Terriers and inspiring my path towards creating metal dog sculptures.

Metal Dogs: Capturing the Spirit of Canines

Inspired by the joy and unconditional love that dogs bring into our lives, I dedicated my craft to capturing their spirit and beauty in metal art. What began as a small collection available only in Australia has expanded globally, allowing me to share these bespoke dog sculptures with enthusiasts around the world. At Metal Dogs, we have created hundreds of different dog breeds, celebrating the unique charm of each.

If you can't find your dog's breed in our collection, I'd love to hear from you. Please click here to let me know what breed you'd like to see added.

Beyond Metal Dogs: Shug's Ventures

In addition to Metal Dogs, I own and operate Shug Laser Cutting, a metal fabrication business. This venture allows me to explore and innovate with metal in various forms, contributing to the unique designs you see at Metal Dogs.

I also run an e-book business with my brother Adam, where we share practical business guides through The Biz Guides. This side project has been an exciting way to share our entrepreneurial experiences and insights with a broader audience.

My other brother Cameron and I have pioneered the concept of pre-fabricated mini golf courses through his business, Supreme Greens. We've also crafted golf training aides for his other venture, Automatic Golf.

Join the Metal Dogs Community

I invite you to explore the world of Metal Dogs, where each piece is a testament to the love and companionship dogs provide. Whether you're a fan of metal dogs, metal art dogs, or simply appreciate finely crafted art, there's something here for everyone. Visit our website to browse our collection and join our community of dog lovers and art enthusiasts.

Thank you for being part of the Metal Dogs journey!

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